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It was a day that our family will never forget, and one we were dreading. The first day of school and daycare for Paisley and Cruz. No matter how much preparation we planned for this day, we were really never ready. We drove up to the daycare, walked in and then the panic set in. As a working mother I knew I needed to be strong and keep it together for the kids, but as I was heading to the door to leave Cruz for his first day of daycare with his new friends and a woman I completely trusted but barely knew, it started! He began to scream and cry “mommy” and then it happened, “the mom guilt”. I had to find a way to make this easier on all of us. So that is when Lovey came into the picture. Lovey saved the day for our family and he can for yours too. Lovey brought strength, and comfort to Paisley and Cruz to face their days without us and even more he gave Paisley and Cruz the strength to make new friends and love going to school and daycare. Learn about Lovey and how his magic can help your family over-come separation anxiety during the most impactful journey of a child and parent’s life.

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