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Meet Lovey the Comfort Monkey

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This huggable monkey is the star of my new book to help your children with the dreaded separation anxiety. Kids react best to change when we are able to prepare them. Lovey's story gives a realistic account of what many children feel and encounter when they are away from their parents. By reading the book to your children and allowing Lovey to come with them on their new adventure, this creates a positive solution for your child and helps diminish their separation anxiety. Although many parts of becoming a parent are challenging, separation anxiety is definitely one that pulls at your heart strings. After numerous days of tearful drop offs and sad stories at night I was desperate to try anything to help my kids. I found little resources or help online I hadn't already tried. I attempted a homemade solution which acknowledged my children's sorrow and provided them with a tangible comfort during the day. After sharing my success with friends and family I knew I wanted to help other families and that's when Lovey and his book came to life.

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